Deep Ocean Mining
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Published Papers of Interest

  Dr.M.A.Atmanand (2011). “Status of India's Polymetallic Nodule Mining Programme”

   Jin S Chung (2010). "Full-Scale, Coupled Ship and Pipe Motions Measured in North Pacific Ocean: The Hughes Glomar Explorer with a 5,000-m-Long Heavy-Lift Pipe Deployed"

   Jin S Chung (2009). “Deep-Ocean Mining Technology III: Developments”

  Jin S Chung and B-R Cheng (1996). “Effects of Elastic Joints on 3-D Nonlinear Responses of a Deep-Ocean Pipe: Modeling and Boundary Conditions”

  Jin S Chung and K Tsurusaki (1994). “Advance In Deep-Ocean Mining Research”

  Jin S Chung (1985). “Advances in Manganese Nodule Mining Technology”

  A.W. Brink and Jin S Chung and (1981). “Automatic Position Control of a 300,000 Tons Ship During Ocean Mining Operations”



 Area of Interests

 Ocean Resources

 Marine Resources
 - Gas Hydrates
 - Manganese Nodules and Crusts
 - Rare Earth Minerals
 - Massive Sulfides




 Mining Systems & Technology
 - Surface System
 - Transport/Lifting
 - Buffer
 - Link to Miner
 - Oceanfloor Miner




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